About Us

Exceptional Care for Extraordinary Kids

Little Haven provides skilled nursing care in a modern, clean, professionally-staffed environment. Our approach maximizes your child’s potential, caring for their daily needs in a stimulating environment while giving you the time to pursue a career, education and personal needs during the day.

Our Philosophy

Little Haven is a community empowering medically fragile children and their families.

This is a place for our kids to grow in a nurturing, social environment while receiving best-in-class nursing care.

This is a place where your family can join our family, caring for each other and learning from shared experiences.

This is a manifestation of our vision for stronger, community-based care. We hope that you’ll make Little Haven your second home.

What is PPECC?

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers

PPECC facilities are community-based, family-centered day care centers staffed by nurses, caregivers and therapists.

PPECC’s provide continual nursing and therapy for your child in an environment that enhances their physical and social outcomes.

The work to make these facilities a reality in Texas started in the Rio Grande Valley. State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. helped pass legislation approving PPECCs for the state of Texas. We are proud to be pioneering this important concept and have now opened the first PPECC in Brownsville. It is also the first in Texas. This is a big step forward in making sure that our medical system provides safe communities so that medically-complex children receive the care they need.

At Little Haven, children with complex medical conditions can play and learn with peers in a safe nurturing environment, freeing their parents to work and/or attend school. Since the child will be receiving daily medical care, trips to the emergency room and doctor’s office should be reduced.

Our Inspiration

Katie Beckett’s Story

Little Haven was inspired by Katie Beckett. Because of her, children with severe disabilities have more comfortable access to the care they need. She died at 34 years of age in May 2012. But the legislation that bears her name helps hundreds of thousands of children who can now live at home with their families instead of in an institution.

Four months after her birth in 1978, Katie contracted viral encephalitis. Her condition left her partly paralyzed, unable to swallow and barely able to breathe on her own. After exhausting her private insurance, Medicaid required that she be hospitalized, even though treatment could be home-administered at one-sixth the cost. After a long-fought battle, Katie’s mother was able to reach President Ronald Reagan and tell him about Katie’s story. The President would go on to enact the “Katie Beckett Waiver”, mandating that all disabled children receive support in their homes from Medicaid.

Katie’s story led us to our own mission: building a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center (PPECC) in Brownsville, Texas to advance the state of care for children with complex medical needs.