A few of our Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPECC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers)?

PPECC is a new benefit for Texas Medicaid and other health insurance providers. PPECC facilities are community-based, family-centered day care centers staffed by nurses, caregivers and therapists.

The work to make these facilities a reality in Texas started in the Rio Grande Valley. State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. helped pass legislation approving PPECCs for the state of Texas. We are proud to be pioneering this important concept and have now opened the first PPECC in Brownsville. It is also the first in Texas. This is a big step forward in making sure that our medical system provides safe communities so that medically-complex children receive the care they need.

At Little Haven, children with complex medical conditions can play and learn with other kids in a safe nurturing environment, freeing their parents to work and/or attend school. Since the child will be receiving daily medical care, trips to the emergency room and doctor’s office should be reduced.

Is this concept new?

PPECC is a new benefit for Texas Medicaid and other health insurance providers.

Is Little Haven a daycare center?

Little Haven PPECC is actually a nursing center. Infants and children require some form of Nursing intervention to qualify for PPECC services.

Is my child at risk for getting sick?

No, they are not. Precautions and infection control procedures are in place to protect every patient in the center. Daily assessments for each patient and monitoring throughout the day maintain the overall health of our patient population.

What if I have Private Duty Nursing (PDN)?

Little Haven can collaborate and coordinate care with your current PDN provider.

Who pays for PPECC?

Patients eligible for Texas Medicaid are fully covered for PPECC services. Many private insurances also cover our services. Little Haven works with families for coverage through your insurance provider. No out-of-pocket costs to families.